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Socio-Economic Boom, Peace, in Oyo is Under Attack – Makinde

Seyi Makinde of Oyo State has said that the socio-economic boom that Oyo State has recorded for about two years since the inception of his administration, and the peace and faith the residents have in the government is under attack.

The Governor made this statement during the statewide broadcast to deal with the ethnic clash that occurred at Shasha market, Akinleye, Ibadan, Oyo State, noting how enemies of the state have leveraged these tragic events to propagate and propel their political goals have brought the socio-economic prosperity under intense attack.

Seyi Makinde characterized these State enemies as people who are utilising the weapon of the social media to hand petrol and matches to the public during a crisis but will flee when the fire turns into a conflagration.

He said, “The people who have decided to leverage these sad events to further their political goals are not our friends. These people handing us petrol and matches will not stand with us when the fire turns into an inferno.

“I can report to you that we were able to bring the situation in Sasa under control within a few hours. Contrary to news that has been circulating on social media, since about 2 pm on Saturday, the 13th of February 2021, the situation in Sasa had been de-escalated. A curfew was put in place and there has been no further unrest since then.”

The Governor also mourned the lives lost to the clash adding that he is unhappy and he feels the pain of those involved and everyone else.

Makinde repeated his pledge to find the criminals and make them face the harsh wrath of the law while ensuring that those who lost their properties in the crisis are reimbursed.

He said, “I am saddened by the loss of lives. I feel your pain. I understand your anger and frustrations. We will make things right.

“As I stated yesterday, I have also ordered a full investigation into the immediate cause of the crisis and I promise that all culprits will be brought to book. Our administration will also be providing the needed support to ensure that those who lost their properties to the mayhem are compensated.”

The Governor of Oyo State also announced the inauguration of the Peace and Security Committees in every zone of Oyo State saying the creation of the committee, will ensure that everyone’s grievances are addressed and culprits will be brought to justice.

He said, “We know that people are angry. People have a right to be angry. When the bridge between power and justice is broken, we are bound to witness unrest. But we cannot solve the problems of peaceful co-existence in anger. I appeal to every resident of Oyo State to sheath their swords. People have been wronged; I acknowledge this.

“Therefore, we are moving ahead with setting up the Peace and Security Committees in every zone of Oyo State. Starting today, these committees will be inaugurated. With the Peace and Security Committees, everyone’s grievances will be addressed and culprits will be brought to justice.”

Further, he announced the creation of another judicial panel to investigate the case of the members of the Amotekun Corps who were victims of Police brutality through a DPO, while executing their legal duties. Adding that there are some crooked among the security officers who are sabotaging the administration efforts to secure the state.

He promised the public that the panel will use every apparatus available to them to ensure that justice is served emphasizing that if the officer involved is guilty, he will be rightly and justly dealt with.

Finally, he pleaded with state residents to desist from jungle justice as he said that people should be held accountable for their actions.

He thereafter advised the residents and citizens of Oyo state to work with the administration to ensure lasting peace and security in the state, while explaining that the security of the state is not tied to politics or to score political points at the detriment of the lives of the populace.

He said, “A whole tribe, ethnic group, profession or gender must never pay for the sins of one individual. It is unacceptable for any individual or individuals to take law into their own hands. That is jungle justice. Oyo State is not a jungle.”

“Let me reiterate, some people have made this about politics and a way to score political points at the expense of the lives of our people. For me, this is not about politics. This is about securing our lives. This is about preserving Oyo State for our children. This is about our future. Work with me as I work on ways to ensure lasting peace and security in our land.”

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