Residents of Iseyin Have Issued An Eviction Notice To Customs Following Killing of Residents

The association of Iseyin indigenes and residents, the Ebedi Frontliners Iseyin (EFI), on Monday issued a quit notice to the Nigeria Customs Services (NCS), in Iseyin.

The notice which commanded the NCS to leave the ancient rustic town was communicated via a press statement which was issued and signed by the National President of EFI, Mr Abiodun Bambi, and the Secretary, Mr Ademola Wasiu, it was also made available to the media on Monday.

“We speak for all Iseyin residents both home and abroad and I can assure you that we are one on this, we are tired of these senseless and needless killings.

“What does the Customs Act say, that they can only arrest and operate within 40 kilometres from the border, Iseyin is not less than 200 kilometres from the nearest border.

“This is barbaric and highly inhumane, I read the statement from the NCS that it was during the attack that they killed those people, this is nothing but lies and it’s shameful that they can tell lies.

“They were chasing some people who they claimed had some bags of rice and in the process of trying to stop them, they shot sporadically and left four innocent people dead including a vulcanizer.

“Our resolve as a people is that we want them to please leave our town for now because people are really angry.

“But for the intervention of our traditional elders, the customs base on Oyo Road would have been set ablaze.

“We are not ready to discuss or have argument with them because we are still mourning our people who were killed innocently, we just want them to move out of our town as soon as possible”, the statement reads in parts.

Meanwhile, the Nigeria Customs Services, Public Relations of Oyo/Osun Command, Mr Kayode Wey, said the command has not been briefed on the development.

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