REPORT: Oyo State displaces several others, ranks as 2nd with Startups ecosystem.

Oyo State under the leadership of Governor Seyi Makinde, has displaced several other Nigerian states, and ranked as the second largest city with startups and entrepreneurs.

The report also indicated that, Oyo State is on 353rd position worldwide, showing a massive upward trend in its economic growth.

Ibadan saw a massive increase in ranking, jumping 601 spots to 353rd globally and 2nd in Nigeria, surpassing Abuja. The growth of the Southwestern state can be tied to the significant growth of SafeBoda, the ride-hailing company.

According to another economy profiling report, Ibadan has become a choice destination for businesses and organizations seeking a business-friendly environment in Nigeria. The State, by the deliberate policies of the Governor, has maintained that its focus is on allowing more businesses as economic expansion is one of the top cardinal objectives of the government.

With the release of these reports, business people will be encouraged to invest and establish startups in Ibadan and Oyo State at large, adding to the upward trend in the state’s economic growth.

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