Regulate Operations of Night clubs in Bodija – Residents tell Makinde

Residents of Ibadan’s popular housing estate, Bodija estate have cried out to the Oyo state Governor to come to their aid in regulating the activities of club houses in the area.

Speaking on the issue, the residents lamented they no longer sleep peacefully due to the noise emanating from the various clubhouses in the estate.

“We are worried by the developments in the bodija estate as residents, and we think it is time to speak out in public and maybe the Governor will know what we are facing”.

“In the last couple of days, we have not been able to sleep , if it is not the many speakers hung everywhere, at this numerous clubs, the way they park their cars have become a source of worry for us”.

The resident further complained that their wives and daughters are often harrassed by this clubbers. They called on the Government and other regulating agencies to do something about the situation before it gets worst.

“We are not in local areas; our lives shouldn’t be endangered by this people”. They added.

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