Provide Evidence, if You Are Sure of Your Claim – Oyo Amotekun Denies Killing Young Boy In Ibadan

Col Olayinka Olayanju (Rtd.), Commandant, Oyo State Security Network Agency codenamed Amotekun Corps, has dismissed the involvement of his officers in the incident to led to the death of a young boy in Mokola, Ibadan.

He said only enemies of the present government will likely use such things to get at the governor.

Olayanju spoke when contacted on the alleged involvement of his officers who were accused of being behind the death of a young press apprentice who was said to have been killed Tuesday night around Uncle Joe, Mokola, Ibadan.

The news of the death early Wednesday morning caused a protest with aggrieved youths storming the street in protest.

They made bonfires and blocked roads making the Mokola axis difficult for commuters and other road users who were on the way to their various places of work.

In his reaction, the Amotekun Commandant said those who are alleging the operatives to be behind the death of the teenager should present a piece of evidence to prove their point.

He said there had been similar issues reported in time past and provisions of pieces of evidence against the officers helped to fish out the accused officers.

Further adding, that because of what the Corps has been doing for the past eight months in the state, some criminally minded people will like Amotekun to be disbanded, as they feel threatened that the officers have been making their evil operations impossible.

He however guarantees that the Corps will not spare any officer found culpable provided there is any evidence implicating such operative.

Olayanju said “They were here at 6.30 am and 8 am and took the corpse to Secretariat. If you say Amotekun has killed someone, there should be evidence. All our vehicles have peculiar colours and unique numbers to trace. We have had cases like this in the past and because of the information given to us, we were able to trace.

“I can’t say what led to the activities of all these people. But because of what we have been doing for the past eight months, some people will not like Amotekun to be in existence and they feel we are a threat to them as we do not allow them to carry out their nefarious activities whether within the town or hinterland. Those who are peaceful and law-abiding have nothing to fear.

“We only operated at Sango community where we were called by the community members for being under attack from armed robbers.

“This is a political environment and some who are not happy with the present government will likely use such things to get at the governor.

“From the account of those who called us from Sango, they even said when the victims were evacuated to the hospital using Amotekun vehicle, they did not pass through Mokola.

“We will not be deterred; we are here to serve the people and as long as government want us to continue to do what we are sent to do, we will continue to do it.

“On my honour, Amotekun has nothing to do with the incident at Mokola. There are policemen and other private security men guarding the Lotto house and around the area, you can find out if the Amotekun vehicle was found around that area.

“If there is any evidence implicating any of my operatives, I assure you will not spare them. We don’t condone indiscipline and no one will be happy with extrajudicial killing. We are here to protect the people and can’t be going against the people.”

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