Popular Ibadan Hotel Shut Down Operations, Lays Off Staff

The Premier Hotel in Ibadan, a well-known and historic have reportedly closed shop and let all of its staff go.

According to reports, the hotel’s Mokola Hill location on Tuesday was empty, save for private security officers who warned people to leave the area because it had been closed.

Mr. Adewale Raji, the Group Managing Director of Odu’a Investments Limited, when contacted disclosed that that the hotel was now closed so that it could be renovated and have its facilities upgraded.

“We want to increase the number of rooms we have, and increase the capacity of the halls. We are conscious of health and safety of the people, so we had to disengage the employees. We had to pay all of them off.”

Mr Raji explained that the decision to temporarily shut down the hotel, remodel and rebrand it was taken in the best interest of the region and its people.

He continued by saying that in order to enhance the hotel’s offerings and reputation, the group was collaborating with a nationally recognized partner.

Raji refuted the claim that the hotel had been sold by stating that the agreement—which is still being worked out with the partner—would assure that the name “Premier” will remain in use.

For strategic reasons, he chose not to name the partner, but he did ensure that when the decision is finally made, everyone will be pleased with it.

He mentioned that the decision has received the approval of the governors of every owning state.

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