Mr Ayo Fayose is already showing symptoms of a frustrated loser after seeing the handwriting on the wall concerning the forthcoming PDP zonal elections. The race to taking control of the south west PDP is slipping out of his control concerning the Ekiti delegates who has discovered are just beating the “BATA” drum for him to dance to as they cheer him on to his coming disaster.

Most of the delegates have seen him for the greed and personal aggradizement he represents. His perceived popularity has diminished drastically over the past weeks and this has caused a lot of anxiety and panic in his camp.

One of his supposedly core loyalists is already angry that he was promised Senate but Fayose is no longer talking about it. He said this is his trademark, “he’ll promise you heaven and deliver hell” and they are ready to put him where he belongs. He sighted Adeyeye vs Eleka’s primary.

Seeing that he is no longer that Mystified Osoko, he connived with PDP National Treasurer to doctor the Ekiti delegates list. The list was secretly brought in by Mr Adewale Aribisala in company of two others to Aribisala’s residence in Abuja (as shown in the pictures above) where he handed it over to Fayose and he flew it down to Lagos where it was discovered that over 70% on that list would not do his bidding on the congress ground. You can see his team cross examining the list in his Ikeja residence.

This is presently causing a lot of chaos within his camp on the ground that he doesn’t know who to trust again.

He is presently doing everything within his reach to make sure he doesn’t have a grand slamming disgrace from the delegates from his group, especially from Ekiti state, his main domain which is expected to be 100% for his group.

The National Treasurer hosted Fayose in his Abuja home where it was perfected how to doctor the delegates list.
As of now, information reaching us and the document made available shown that he has changed all the 16 AD-HOC delegates to the old one used in 2019 and also removed all the former Presiding Officers of the House of Assembly.

The source furthermore said they are all fed up of fayose’s excesses but none dare say it to his face. Who is contesting? who is having media publicity? “Oga thinks all of us are fools, he likes taking the shine all to himself all the time.” How many past leaders are behaving the way he is behaving; is he better than Saraki, Donald Duke and the others but every time and everything must be about him.

The questions are: Was it not the same Fayose who was making noise that the NWC should hold the zonal congress timely at all cost and creating scenes about his winning chances now he is running to court for injunctions to stop the same zonal congress he has won in his Afao home? Mr Ayo Fayose is indeed jittery and only rabble-rouser like him would still find him interesting.

Although other NWC members of PDP are already tired of Fayose’s destructive attitudes, Aribisala has promised Fayose to work on them, most especially the National Chairman, Uche Secondus to perfect their plot to adopt the doctored delegates list from Ekiti because of his second term agenda.

Mr Ayo Fayose this your plan won’t work.

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