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Marlian kids : Amotekun did the right, albeit using the wrong approach

There was a video showing Amotekun arresting some young schoolboys in Oyo state recently, the students were arrested on allegations of truancy and cultism. As the video got to the public domain everyone has been giving takes and blaming Amotekun for the act, they said those students were arrested because they were fans of a popular Nigerian artiste, Naira Marley, Marley himself uploaded the video on his Instagram page and condemned Amotekun, he also promised to get across to the kids and give them some people, people cheered on. This is how we encourage truancy and cultism in Nigeria for media validation and clout, kids were arrested inside the bush during school hours after they sneaked out of school to do whatever in the Bush, is that not how cultists are incubated now Amotekun, a security network, working on its mandate to curb criminalities is the one facing the onslaught but the students that were involved in criminal acts should be cheered and encouraged with money. Is this not how we make education useless? Are we not encouraging others to get into the act of leaving school during school hours after all they’d get money from their favorite celebrities and the public will hail them as Marlian kids?

Are we not putting the future of our school children in jeopardy like this? Who amongst us will be happy to learn his or her kids or siblings left school to sneak into bushes during school hours? Have we lost basic ethics have we agreed to make education very worthless and treat it with so much contempt?
No one was worried about the act of the students, they were only interested in bending the truth of the matter and make it seems like Amotekun arrested them on frivolous allegations.
In the video, Amotekun officers were seen with dane guns, that’s the only wrong thing in the video coupled with the video itself, in developed countries truants among schoolboys are also being picked by their police authorities only that no gun will be in sight nor phone camera to save the pupils from trauma after the incident. Amotekun should have done away with guns and any form of harassment, they should have gone to the schools with officials of children’s welfare agencies or NGOs, those are the ones that could have helped rehabilitated the psychology of these pupils and make them see education as profitable again. Also the stupid act of making sure we get ‘exclusive’ event recorded on our phones to get likes on social media was what made a supposed teacher that needs to be taught herself to put on her phone camera with her teeth flashed at the screen while running a very useless commentary without considering what effect that would have on the psyche of those young chaps.

Amotekun did the right thing, they helped curb and tame young cultists that could have grown to become terror in the future not sure they won’t become terror anyways and even discourage some serious students from their education. That might happen if Naira Marley is given the opportunity to use the boys for clout by giving them money and showing up to support them. In this case Naira Marley should be seen as a plague and should be treated as a flea. The education of these kids and many others is very important, let no one put it at a precarious position because of his own personal benefit.
If Naira Marley shows up, he must be arrested

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