I Don’t Want The Kidnappers Of My Wife to Be Caught – Oyo APC Youth Leader Remarks

Ajibola Areokuta Salawu, the Youth Leader of the All Progressive Congress (APC) in Oyo State, has reportedly said that he has not communicated with the kidnappers of his wife, three days after they abducted her.

In his statement, he said his wife Arikeade was kidnapped at gunpoint on Sunday evening as the two of them were separately driving into their residence in the Oja-Igbo area of Aremo, Ibadan.

“Her car was in front while mine was behind. Before we could drive in, the gunmen attacked us at the gate and whisked her away,” Salawu said.

“Thankfully, they didn’t injure anyone. I am still expecting to hear from them. All I want is for my wife to be safely released.”

When advised on informing the state security agents about the abduction, he insisted that he was not “interested in anyone nabbing the kidnappers”.

“In the western countries, those things work. But here, I don’t believe the idea works,” he said. “The authorities, including the state governor, have invited me to a meeting over it but I refused. All I want is for my wife to be released even if that will cost me money.”

Kidnapping has been rampant across Nigeria since January, with families of abductees often paying ransoms even if both the state and federal governments warn against it.

Premium Times disclosed that in mid-April alone, at least 239 people were killed and 44 others kidnapped in separate violent incidents across Nigeria.

Adewale Osifeso, the Oyo State police spokesman, did not answer his calls or respond to a text message sent due to this abduction.

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