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Governor Makinde free to join, exit any social media platform -Taiwo Adisa.

After reports of Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State exiting a PDP whatsapp group, his Chief press secretary, Mr Taiwo Adisa, has released a statement on Twitter stating that the governor as a digital governor can join and exit any social media platform as he wishes.

The CPS also stated that exiting a whatsapp group is a very flimsy issue that deserves no exaggeration.

His tweets read ;

“Just like every citizen of this country, the governor should be free to belong to or exit any social group without any form of uproar”

“As much as I know, the principle guiding membership of social groups remains free entry and free exit. It can’t be different in the case of Governor Seyi Makinde. The questions here are simple; why is the Governor’s exit from a WhatsApp platform being exaggerated and portrayed as a national issue? Why are some people seeking to give relevance to a mundane issue as this? Does anyone know when and why Governor Makinde joined the said group?”

“Membership of the platform is voluntary and it’s only a social gathering. We cannot give official toga to something that is strictly a social media platform. In fact, we would not have loved to dignify such issue with a response, but we cannot allow individuals with penchant for pedestrian tendencies run amok with a piece of distraction as this.”

“As a digital governor, Governor Makinde belongs to different groups and platforms and he can choose to exit anyone at anytime as his schedules dictate.Though someone may be persuaded by the fact that the group is called PDP official platform, we have since discovered that people of varied political persuasions are members.”

“If that was not the case, we would not be having a narrative that tries to magnify the fact that a loyal PDP member left a mere WhatsApp platform and make same look like a matter of urgent national importance.It is not strictly the official business of the PDP that goes on the platform, so those insinuating untruths should desist.”

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