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Buhari is the reason for insecurity in the country, Oyo PDP replies APC group

Some hours after an APC group in Oyo state, TPI, led by Hon. Bolaji Repete, released a press statement criticizing governor Seyi Makinde regarding how he has been handling the security of the state, PDP Oyo state through its publicity secretary, Engineer akeemz Olatunji responded with a press release describing the statement released by the APC group as irresponsible and reprehensible.

The party maintained that with the level of investment and support given to security agencies by Governor Makinde, President Muhammadu Buhari, rather than the governor, should be called to question on the failure of the security system across the country, including Oyo State.

A statement signed by the Publicity Secretary of the party in the state, Engr. Akeem Olatunji, stated that attempts by APC members to pass the buck of the growing insecurity to Governor Makinde are lame, unthoughtful and mischievous.

The party equally faulted the reasoning of the APC on Governor Makinde’s role in the #EndSARS protests, noting that the governor did not in any way err or support hoodlums against security agents as the APC is trying hard to make it look.

“The jobless individuals who authored the said statement should have done their homework to see that whatever security challenges they tried to blow beyond proportion are not peculiar to Oyo State, but are indications of how the security architecture of the country has failed under President Buhari,” the statement said.

The PDP added that Governor Makinde has invested in the security sector more than any of his colleagues or predecessors, but that the overall collapse of the security system in the country “has been denying residents of Oyo State of the benefits of Governor Makinde’s huge investments on security.”

The statement read: “The attention of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Oyo State has been drawn to a statement authorised by some jobless noisemakers in the All Progressives Congress (APC), who are trying to magnify the security situation of Oyo state out of proportion.

“The statement in question erroneously indicated that the security situation was getting worse in the state, clearly unmindful of the monumental investment of the incumbent administration in that sector.

“It is clearly untrue that the security is getting worse in Oyo State. What is clear is that a few APC unpatriotic loudmouths have been trying all they could to wish Oyo State bad by magnifying whatever incident slinked directly or indirectly to Oyo State in an attempt to rubbish the achievements of Governor Makinde in the area of security.

“While we do not want to insinuate that APC members and leaders, some of who have openly boasted that they will set traps for Governor Makinde not to succeed, are sponsoring hoodlums to disturb the peace of the state, the body language of the opposition and the fruitless attempts to pass the buck of insecurity in the entire country to Governor Makinde has sold them out as unpatriotic.

“What we in the PDP know is that Oyo State ranks among the least troubled in the national security index as attested to by undiluted facts. But agents of the APC, having failed in their efforts to find faults with the laudable infrastructural initiatives in Oyo State under Governor Makinde, are trying to exaggerate every incident just to paint a picture of insecurity and blackmail the administration.

“However, we won’t fail to direct them as appropriate to President Muhammadu Buhari, who made security of lives and property a keyword of his agenda while campaigning for presidency.

“We will admonish them to ask the President what happened to the security architecture he inherited from President Goodluck Jonathan, which Oyo State under the APC also benefited from, to the extent that kidnapping, banditry and insurgency have become a daily occurrence across the 17 states of the North and parts of the South.

“We want to direct the APC elements to ask the President how he mismanaged the country to the extent that Nigerians, including Oyo State residents, became so angry and rose against the system during the #EndSARS protests and how the pent-up anger has continued to affect the society to date.

“The truth is that Nigeria was safer and better managed under the PDP administration. It is being badly managed under the APC and that’s what is robbing off on the states of the federation.

“Those who are busy making noise about Makinde like the usual armchair critics that they are cannot deny the fact that the governor has been the most supportive of security agencies among his peers. On assumption of office in 2019, he immediately bought 100 security vehicles equipped with communication gadgets, added another 25 in 2020 and spearheaded the formation.of Amotekun.

“He has also launched the state security hitting 615, Oyo State Crime alert application and a statewide CCTV coverage. No wonder the state has been positively feeling the impacts of Operation Burst, Amotekun and even the Police, which has finally ended its boycott of the roads in states of the country.”

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