BREAKING: Makinde Increases Stipends for Traditional Rulers

…Discusses the Ibadan Obaship System

Oyo State’s Executive Governor; Engr. ‘Seyi Makinde, has restated his commitment to ensure an increase in the monthly stipends given to the state’s traditional leaders.

Makinde revealed this while addressing traditional leaders during his campaign train for his second term bid at the Egbeda Local Government Area.

He pledged to ensure that the 5% currently paid to kings climbs to 10% net payment each month. He also listed his accomplishments in local government, insisted that the state’s crowning of kings should be a matter for the Olubadan and the Olubadan in Council to deal internally.

He added that the involvement of the last administration of the state government led by late Sen. Abiola Ajimobi in the system made the obaship structure a messy one which was later sorted out of court.

“I sincerely apologise for getting here late. Everywhere we visited today, people trooped out in large numbers blocking our vehicles. This caused the delay before we arrived here. We still have two more stops before we wrap up for the day. My remarks here won’t be long. Those achievements you have earlier stated are all under Omituntun 1.0. Omituntun 2.0 is an upgrade for the first one. I will speak on two things, but before I go into that, let me present to you my colleagues that are also contesting.

“The two things I said I would talk about, the road you mentioned; the junction at Erunmu to Egbeda. You all know I wouldn’t talk about what I cannot do because whatever I say I do. Under Omituntun 1.0, we have awarded Academy to Odo Oba; Ibadan to Iwo. It was flagged off, the contractor should be on the site in a week or thereabout. Under the project, we will expand Olodo bridge. We will replicate what we did on Akobo bridge on Olodo bridge as well. So Erunmu road to Egbeda, we will do under Omituntun 2.0.

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“The other thing I’m sure you would all be interested in is the stipend being paid to our traditional rulers. I have addressed the issue in Akinyele, Lagelu. It’s the same thing everywhere. I believe the reform that our traditional system needs must be done internally. Olubadan in council should carry out the reform so that the Olubadan can crown kings and chiefs. It’s not the function of a state government but because the state government dabbled into this, led to messing everything up. But we thank God because if we hadn’t withdrawn the case from the court we wouldn’t have been able to crown a new Olubadan. I have informed the Olubadan-in-council to start the process of their reform, then bring it to me I will approve.

“Another thing I know you would like to hear is the stipend being paid. It’s 5%. When I was in Ibarapa the king asked me the 5% if is gross or net. I have now checked because yesterday, I signed the file to make the payment on the 25th and I saw that it’s net. Which means, they would have done all the deductions then sum the rest up to arrive at the 5%. I have done the calculations today and this is the first time I’m breaking the news, before the end of this tenure, I’m not sure the legal backing associated with it, but we will work with the State Assembly. Federal pays 5% but since it’s net, Oyo State will pay 10% to our traditional rulers. Before we commence the implementation is to wait for the State Assembly. If it’s what I can do with Executive order, we will do it immediately if not, I will notify State Assembly and we will work with them. I’m saying it today that instead of 5% for our traditional rulers throughout Oyo State, we will pay 10%”, Makinde assured.

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