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Bike riders, Traditional rulers, work with bandits and kidnappers in Oyo state, says Colonel Togun

Chairman of Western Nigeria Security Network codenamed Amotekun in Oyo state, Colonel Kunle Togun has expressed his worries about the role commercial motorcyclists in the state are playing in enabling and working hand in hand with bandits and kidnappers in Oyo state

He further revealed that there were foreigners that were moved into the state via the use of heavy trucks during the Covid-19 lockdown who could only speak French when apprehended by Amotekun Corp members.

He also lamented about the greed of some Yoruba traditional rulers, as he claimed that their attitude of allocating lands to foreigners without proper documentation, because of money, have contributed to the high insecurity incidents being witnessed across the state in recent years.

The Colonel who was responding to questions from pressmen at his office in Agodi gate secretariat said “ Before Amotekun was established the problem of Yoruba land since the invasion of our land by these herdsmen has been our traditional chiefs and leaders in Yoruba land. They take money, cattle and cars from these people and allow them to settle and wreck havoc in their domains. I have attended meeting of Obas in Oke-Ogun and I told them to stop giving lands to foreigners. These foreigners are called Bororos in Oke Ogun and Ibarapa areas. They’re not Nigerians. What is happening should not be analyzed in the area of religion. It is territorial expansion “

“Their leaders argue about the ECOWAS free movement law, but the one I am aware of is that anybody can move from one ECOWAS country to another ECOWAS country without visa but these people have been our lands for years and they are not Nigerians. Most of them that were dumped here by trailers during the Covid-19 lockdown have turned into Okada riders. Many are carrying wheelbarrows all around selling carrots, orange and the rest. Okada riders are their spies. We have noted that we are working on government policies that will curtail the use of these people to foment crisis in Oyo state and the Yoruba land as a whole “

The chairman also noted that Nigerians are the most security unconscious people in the world as he added that neighboring Benin Republic as a database and more secured, because according to him, security is supposed to be everyone’s business.

He said those that expected Amotekun to be a failed initiative should be ashamed of themselves as the outfit will continue to be the pride of Yoruba people at home and in the diaspora, urging the people of the state to continue to put their trust and support in the outfit.

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