Adelabu Faults Makinde on Iseyin-Ogbomosho, Ajia-Amuloko Road Projects, Says Roads Have no Economic Value

Chief Adebayo Adelabu, a chieftain and 2019 gubernatorial candidate of the Oyo State arm of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has slammed Oyo state governor; Engr Seyi Makinde over several of projects embarked upon by the governor.

Adelabu who spoke on a radio proramme; Political Circuit on Fresh FM (105.9) on Saturday highlighted that many of the road projects especially road construction are unnecessary and misplaced priorities.

The roads, according to Adelabu, are a front for siphoning state monies into private coffers in order to bankroll Makinde’s second term bid.

He further stated that the development of the Iseyin-Ogbomoso road was needless and wasteful, claiming that the road provides little economic value to the state.

He went on to say that the Ajia-Amuloko road project was unnecessary and was only being undertaken since it was the “Governor’s Village.”

His words: The Ajia-Amuloko road, what is the economic value of that road project? Makinde spent billions of naira on that road, will the road generate that amount in 1 year or 2?

“In the selection of roads in Oyo state, that road is not a priority and should not be embarked on if not that it is Makinde’s Village.

“They’ve done Moniya-Iseyin road. They’ve awarded Oyo-Iseyin road, why are they working on Iseyin-Ogbomoso again?
Of what economic value is the road?

“I’ve passed that road before, it is deserted.
You won’t have 20 vehicles moving along that route and you want to dump such an amount of money on that road when you’ve not done anything in education or health.

The majority of these road projects, according to Adelabu, are evidence of the Seyi Makinde-led administration’s misdirected priorities, which he claims has little to show in other vital areas including as education, health care, and agriculture.

His words: What has this government done in education, and health care?
You’ve not shown what you have done to us in Agriculture. We talked about farm settlements. How many new ones has Seyi Makinde created?

“How many juice manufacturing companies have come to Oyo state despite all the fruits we produce here?

“If you’ve not done all these and you are spending on such roads, then it is a misplacement of priorities”.

Meanwhile, the former CBN Deputy Governor and Gubernatorial candidate of the APC in 2019 pledged that he would not leave the party if he fails to clinch the gubernatorial ticket.

Adelabu who noted that it is impossible for him not to clinch the party’s gubernatorial ticket said that politics is a passion for him and not a “do or die” affair and so would stand by the party in the “almost impossible situation” that he does not get the ticket during the party’s primary elections.

He said: “In an almost impossible situation if I don’t (pick the ticket), I don’t have anywhere to go because my own politics isn’t do or die. Like I always say, I have got my second address and everybody knows that. I don’t put my eggs in one basket; politics is a passion for me, politics is the readiness to serve my people and to me it’s secondary. it is not a way of livelihood.”

Adelabu added that he is sure APC would be ready to field someone that just had an election and scored a good number of votes and someone who has contributed to the party and society at large.

“In terms of contribution to the society, everything I have is in this state and I challenge any politician in this state today to come and tell me that he is more passionate than I am Almost all my investments are here.

“After the election in 2019, I have remained here, established more businesses and employed more youths. I have about 2000 employees in Oyo State and most of them are youths.

“In terms of ability to fund your election, that is not controversial. Even though we spent so much money to prosecute the last election, I am ready to fund my election without waiting for the ticket that I will use to be shopping for money here and there.

“We stood with the party after losing the 2019 election. It happened to some people and they ran away. But we were funding the party and we stabilised the party. If I didn’t run away after losing the election, I believe the party will want to pay back and compensate”, he concluded.

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